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Our Services

Property buying and selling

Are you thinking about buying or selling?

We handle your needs with an experienced team ready to meet and fulfil your needs to the best of our abilities. We work in unconventional ways to achieve faster and better results than expected. We will find qualified buyers for your property. We can also help you find suitable land for your new investment property. Our clients prefer us because we keep your requirements low-key and complete them to the best of our abilities. We deal with both residential and commercial properties, and we can help you sell or buy one. As always, we understand that our success is measured not only by completing your task but also by our clients' satisfaction with the work we performed. For more information, please contact us.

Property Management

Thinking of achieving financial goals?

We take care of your property as if it were our own. We offer the best services for your property in every way, from gate security to maintenance requirements. We help landlords meet their financial goals by maintaining, growing, and managing investment properties. We manage the financial and operational aspects of both residential and commercial properties. With our monthly reporting systems, our services will make you feel at ease and secure. When it comes to property management, our NRI clients feel safe and secure. Even if you are from India and have a property in another state that requires care and growth, think of us and give us a call. Our success is measured not only by completing your task but also by our clients' satisfaction with the work we performed. We will gladly assist you immediately in terms of.

Property Leasing

Thinking of Leasing or renting your property?

Leasing is something that we need to work on to get the right tenants for the investment property. We unlock your property's potential by just getting the right fit for your specific needs and goals. We also manage your needs from maintaining to managing in our property management division. We deal with both commercial and residential areas as the terms that we follow will be the same. We do have quality checks for the tenants that come in, as we see their financial background and the profile of their business or work. We brought them on board after consulting with the landowners. Leasing is something that should give both parties a level of satisfaction, and we make sure of that. For more information, please contact us.

Architecture and Interior Design Services

We all expect good designs and a trendy look for our interiors, and this is where it becomes difficult to choose who because there are so many options now. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate why you should choose us.

Property New Development

After getting the inputs from the landlord and site inspection, we bring the entire setup ready to begin construction. We work with our regular vendors for all our bulk purchases of products, which reduces the cost of our construction materials. Since we work with regular contractors, they ensure the quality is the best for all properties they work with us on. As always, we know that our success is not just getting your job done but also the clients' satisfaction with the job we did. Call us for more details.

Property Renovation

We work with the best contractors for different types of properties and according to our clients' requirements. For the properties we acquire or any of our clients' properties that require renovation, we send our team for inspection to verify the process of work and bring related teams to start the project. Since we have our own contractors, it ensures the quality of work and, mainly, we avoid outside vendors to keep the cost within budget. Our success is not just getting your job done but also the clients' satisfaction. Call us for more details.

Property Analysis

We have a team who visits 50+ properties biweekly and will list the best ideal properties, which gives us good returns after completing our procedures. After acquiring those ideal properties, we go through our renovation process and bring the best clients to buy or rent those properties. If you are just thinking of how your property should be and in what ways it could be a good investment for you and your family, we will help you decide which could be the best investment. If you decide to have property options, you may be perplexed by the decision. After analysing your interest report as well as your financial budget, we will make the best comparison for the choice of properties you think. Our success is measured not only by completing your task but also by our clients' satisfaction. Call us for more details

Investor Reporting

We make it simple for our investors by providing them with a monthly report on the status of their property under the property management service and on the rental income from tenants under the property leasing service. We also send a monthly email to all of our clients informing them of the status of their properties. Our clients always prefer us for any of their property services because of our transparency. As always, we understand that our success is measured not only by completing your task but also by our clients' satisfaction with the work we performed. Call us to know more.

Investor Purchase

Mayam Invest walks buyers through the purchasing process. Our advisor team collaborates with each investor to establish specific investment goals. We advise you on the best properties to fit your investment strategy. The financing options available to investors vary, but Mayam assists all of our investors in purchasing their investment property by utilising all of our resources. As always, we recognise that our success is measured not only by the completion of your task, but also by the satisfaction of our clients with the work we performed. Please contact us for more information.

Property Organisers

Instead of explaining how we do it, I would say as a property organiser. We would like to try it at your home with you to organise it if you believe your home requires it. Yes, we can do it for half the price of your initial service with us.

Property Refreshments

We always keep our home neat and organised, and we make it a point to remove unwanted junk on the outside and inside every six months. When we do this, we feel good and refreshed because our environment is neat and clean, which refreshes our minds and boosts our other activities. So that's how we conceived of this service. Many people outside wish the same thing but lack the time or, for various reasons, are unable to make it a habit of refreshing their home every 6 months or even before their home functions. You now have us to help you plan this and keep your living space refreshed twice a year or more.

MR Entertainment & Events

This platform was created with the goal of making the real estate industry more than just buying and selling, but also a celebration of great launches that make people's house dreams and investment choices come true. We not only create successful events for you, but we can also create successful events for you through our event platform, so I can call it a regular property fair in which you can participate to attract your target audience. Furthermore, we are committed to conducting your promotional events offline through our ground team in order to maximise the reach of your brand. We are always open to hearing your ideas and putting them into action in a much better way. Call for more details.

What We Can Do For You

A personal, hands-on approach focused on your true business needs. We give you hope and clarity in business and we are committed to getting you the best rates to buy or to sell your property with us. At Mayam Realty Property Management, We aim to make money for you, save money for you and protect your investment by selecting quality tenants, also to achieve the highest market rent and ensure your property maintenance to the best.

Why Clients Prefer Us All The Time

We work closely with the buyers & seller team to understand their requirements and to execute them in the same way. We work with different phases to achieve our client's goal. We will get you a personalized market analysis of your property and give you our crystal clear report for your next move with us.

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Good team with experienced brokers in hand and the properties we handle is with complete support until the landlord achieves more than what they want. If you are leasing your property for the first time or if you have had a bad experience before with other dealers, get an initial consultation with us today.

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